‘Campsfield House: An Immigration Removal Centre’ is an independent documentary film currently under production.
It aims to tackle the lack of public engagement with the reality of immigration detention and to illuminate some of the human stories that exist in and around the Campsfield House in Oxfordshire.
We have been speaking to people about their personal experiences of detention in the hope that this will challenge some of the common misconceptions about migrants that permeate our society. We hear the voices of some of the lives that exist behind the statistics that characterise politicians’ reports and the mainstream media.
At the same time, the film hopes to give an impression of the many ways people have responded to the existence of immigration detention centres in this country, and to think about some of the ways in which we can react. In doing this we have spoken to campaign groups and charities, academics and lawyers.
As the end of November marks the 20th anniversary of the centre, as well as the campaign to close it, now seems an especially pertinent time to produce and release this film.
If you have comments or suggestions, do please get in touch.
Campsfield House Film